Art preschool Fox and Rose

with intensive English learning

About us

our philosophy 

We develop children's talents and we support them in their abilities.

Every child can learn how to sing, draw and dance and have joy while being creative.

Child, that leaves Fox and Rose, have apart from fluent english also knowledge about other cultures, which enrich each other and awareness of Czech culture in which we live and grow up.

International community of children

English lessons everyday

Healthy food

Ecological understanding

“The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched, they are felt with the heart.”

says The Little Prince and we agree. 

Exupéry's book is our inspiration and our source of learning. 

Enrollment of children from 3 to 6 years possible anytime during the school year



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Summer program

This year, we have prepared a special program for the summer. You can look forward to workshops, painting, music, theater, dancing, ponies and to a magician!

During the holidays, we also accept children who do not go to our kindergarten, their siblings and their friends.

More information on or by phone at (+420) 774 353 780.

We offer

Intensive English

Native teachers from the US teach children English all week through everyday activities.

Art classes with professionals

Music, art workshops, ceramics, photography, ballet, folk and modern dance.

Individual approach

Activities take place in small groups, each child is given individual attention and care.

Home environment

Just like in a family, children in our kindergarden are surrounded by people who love them and have an empathetic approach to their needs.


We have our own psychologist who works with parents and kids and she also supervises teachers and employees.

House with a garden

Beautiful spacious and bright house in Prague city centre with a garden, trees and herbs which are grown by children.

Lectures for parents

Regular lectures and discussions for parents and friends of the nursery on the topic of upbringing and education of children.

Montessori elements and tools

We are inspired by Maria Montessori, we use Montessori tools from the US and the Czech republic.

Daily schedule

Lessons are taught in English by native speakers (if necessary, our teachers are able to talk also French, Spanish or Russian).

We build insect houses, plant herbs, like to compost and garden. We grow apricots, wild strawberries and mint. We sort waste.

We spend time outdoors daily.

8:00 AMFree play, arts and crafts, morning dancing
9:00 AMMorning Circle
9:45 AMMorning Snack
10:15 AMLesson
11:15 AMOutside Play / Indoor Play
12:30 PMLunch
1:00 PMStory time, reading, relaxing, and quiet time for those who do not nap
1:30 PMArithmetic, literacy and handwriting
2:00 PMArt, games, sensory activities, experiments, outside play
2:30 PMJoint afternoon snack
3:00 PMFree time / Students choice

Irregular activities

Day trips to the Uhelný mlýn gallery, professional workshops, children's performances,
theaters, pony rides, birthday parties etc ...

Activities and classes

Parents can choose from a range of clubs and activities outside the basic lesson plan.

Drawing, ceramics, handwork, art ateliers and photography club

Flute, relaxation with music and rhytmic instruments

Ballet, modern and folk dances, sports

Our team 

Our teachers same as children are from all around the world.

founder and the director of the preschool

author and director of children's books and movies

speaks English and Czech

teacher of Muffins class, author of the educational plan

native speaker (USA)

teacher of Biscuits class

native speaker (UK)

teacher of Cupcakes class

native speaker (USA)

teacher of ballet and art

teacher's assistant

teaches children etiquette and table manners

speaks English, French and Czech

teacher's assistant

speaks English, French and Czech

teacher's assistant, webmaster, photographer

speaks Czech and English

runs the Ceramics club

speaks Czech, English and Spanish

runs the Photography club

speaks French, German and Czech

runs Art workshops

From my own experience and from my experience as a mother of three children I know that it is absolutely necessary for children to develop and grow up in an environment where they feel accepted and where their natural talents are supported. What we put into children at this age is what we and they are going to get back in return in the future.

Monika Le Fayfounder and preschool director

In our kindergarden children can be themselves and develop their uniqueness. We, the adults, allow them to do it through our own experience of self-acceptance. We don't needlessly judge and compare, because we know that everyone is different and what we have in common is invisible to the eyes.

Taťjana Horkáschool psychologist

All grown-ups were once children but only few of them remember it, says The Little Prince. That is why I am delighted that I can visit this mysterious world of games and wisdom at such a beautiful place as Fox and Rose kindergarden. If you want to really know your child, look at the world through his eyes.

Monika UrbanováEpigen therapist

What parents say about us

Love Home environment - cook stays always there and communicate with children. We know where their meal is prepared and who makes the lunch and snack. Safe and healthy! Love warm hearted teachers - my 3 years old son used to be in another preschool in Prague. Classic way of education was not helping my son so I searched the schools and found Fox and Rose. We are happy with this school. Teachers give positive feedbacks to kids and respect individual differences so my son started to build up self confidence and trust of people. Every time I pick him up from the school he is wearing a big smile. That was all what I expected from the school. And I have it so what can I ask more :)

EunjuPaul's mom

Our daughter Teresa had a great time in Fox and Rose this summer, exploring art and photography with her friends and teachers in a stimulating multilingual environment. She loved the ballet classes. Fox and Rose is a preschool filled with joy and children's laughter, a great place to be before entering the first grade. Our daughter speaks both English and Czech, and we are happy that she has made good progress in both languages!

Kamila and Martin SommerTereska's parents

Fox and Rose is a nursery where your child grow meaningfully.
Inspiring place where both children and parents love to return.

JanaEma's mom

With small class sizes and an unparalleled focus on the arts, Fox and Rose provides a nurturing and rewarding experience for the entire family. A loving environment our daughter is always excited to each day.

Mona, Summer’s Mom

A dream of each parent to see their children smart and happy realizes here.

JurgaRokas and Petruška's mom


We make parent's life easier.

3x per week full day
12 000 czk
8.00 - 17.30
The toiletries, art supplies, classes, clubs and activities are included. Meals are paid separately.
4x per week full day
14 000 czk
8.00 - 17.30
The toiletries, art supplies, classes, clubs and activities are included. Meals are paid separately.
3x per week mornings
10 000 czk
8.00 - 13.00
The toiletries, art supplies, classes, clubs and activities are included. Meals are paid separately.
5x per week mornings
12 000 czk
8.00 - 13.00
The toiletries, art supplies, classes, clubs and activities are included. Meals are paid separately.

Sibling discounts: 10% discount of each children's fee

One time registration deposit 5 000 czk

Visit us, we would love to meet you

Come and see how it looks in Fox and Rose.

Call or write to Lilli (Head Teacher)

Lilli Malá
Lilli Malá
(+420) 774 353 780


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Fox and Rose s.r.o.

Preschool address

U Dvou srpů 3136/5, 150 00 Prague 5 - Smíchov

Phone number

(+420) 606 090 595

Email address (Preschool director - Monika Le Fay)

Close to Smíchov, Anděl and park Klamovka. At the edge of Prague 5 - Prague 6. Quiet city centre with a great public transport access. 

Kavalírka stop (bus) - lines 123 and 127

Kavalírka stop (tram) - lines 9 and 36

Pod lipkami stop (bus) - lines 149 and 191

Klamovka stop (tram) - lines 9, 10 and 16

Klamovka stop (bus) - lines 123, 149, 167 and 191

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